Just Elementary Math

From A to Z

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Alpha Area

     • Count the number of square units in each letter of the alphabet

                                      Alphabet geogrid                                                             

                                      Alphabet Solution (pdf)

Fun with Area

     • Use graph paper or print name grid

                                     Area Geogrid

                                              (Excel file)

     • Shade letters of your first name and last initial

     • Determine total area of letters

     • View an example

                                     Geogrid Example

Data Exploration

     • Use results to complete one or more of the following activities:

                                     Order total area from largest to smallest (Group)

                                     Calculate class average (mean) for total area

                                     Determine median and mode for total area

                                     Count number of letters in your first name that have a line of symmetry (Individual)

                                     Calculate class average for lines of symmetry

                                     Count number of vowels or consonants in your first name (Individual)

                                     Calculate class average number of vowels in first names

                                     Calculate class average number of consonants in first names

                                    Calculate percentage of vowels or consonants in your first and/or last name (Individual)