Just Elementary Math

Math Words
Number Words & Related Number Words

A. cardinal, ordinal, digits
B. even number
C. odd number
D. is equal to
E. is greater than
F. is less than
G. add, addend, sum plus
H. subtract
 I. difference, minuend, minus, 
J. regroup
K. multiply, factor, product
L. multiple
M.divide, divisor, dividend, 
    quotient, remainder
N. divisible, factor
O. numberline
P. number pattern
Q. order, greatest, least
R. pattern
S. place value
T. round
Fraction Words


A. group, number, whole
B. shaded, unshaded
C. fraction, numerator,         
D. one half of a group
E. one half of a whole
F. one half of a number
G. one third of a group
H. one third of a whole
 I. one third of a number
J. one fourth of a group
K. one fourth of a whole
L. one fourth of a number
M.one half of one
N. one third of one
O. one fourth of one
P. one tenth of one
Decimal Words

A. tenths
B. hundredths
C. one fourth of one dollar
D. one tenth of one dollar
E. one hundredth of one dollar
F. ten cents
G. one cent
H. five cents
 I. twelve cents
J. twenty-five cents
K. one dollar and thirty-two cents
L. thousandths
M. smaller than one
N. one thousandth
O. ten thousandths
P. one hundred thousandths