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Most files have been removed from this site. They will be incorporated in interactive eBook format created by Edwina R. Justice.  The ebooks can be viewed in the iBooks Store at iTunes.com.  They are made for the iPad, iPhone, & Mac with interactive widgets. Current iBooks app is required.

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Interactive eBook #4


Math Words 1 is a selection of number words and number words used in conjunction with each other, that were chosen to promote effective communication and understanding of mathematics.  The compilation presents and defines the math words, in as uncomplicated manner as possible, and emphasizes a visual interpretation.   Simple illustrations or examples and brief definitions convey the use of the words and are suitable for use with students in grade three or higher.  The words can be used for remediation with older students who struggle with advanced math concepts because of gaps in their prerequisite foundation or used just for review. The relatedness of words within a group should be reflected on regularly.

The ebook is not a workbook.  A series of videos are presented to illustrate mathematical meanings of words.  Consider Math Words 1as a contemporary 3 Rs: reference, review and remediate, using whole numbers.  The author acknowledges the existence of many words that are used in other math domains, but focuses on classifying, ordering, comparing, and using basic operations.  Fractions and decimals words are not included in Math Words 1. Their usage is planned for Math Words 2. 

Tips on navigating through interactive ebook have been included.


Interactive eBook #3

In addition to interactive sections, several videos have been inserted.  They include simple visual interpretations of prime factorization, upside down division that features rules of divisibility, and the Sieve of Eratosthenes.  The numbers 1-100 are grouped and the “Sieve” procedure is demonstrated in four separate videos.  For those who like a challenge, a link to a bonus spreadsheet grid has been included, for a limited time only.

Although not a prerequisite, previous books by this author provide an in-depth look at rectangle dimensions and factors, and include greater detail for development of those concepts.  Inching Along (square units) and All Set (factors) build the foundation.  About Prime (prime numbers), ends the trilogy, and shows a connection between rectangles and prime numbers. 

The beauty of mathematics lies in an awareness of how so much of the number system is interrelated in some way, even at an elementary level.  That understanding must be present before introducing abstract concepts in the system.


Bonus Document for "About Prime"

Password located on page 37 of book.

Interactive eBook #2

Interactive widgets are included as well as links to bonus Numbers documents that provide additional interactivity.  These files contain ‘movable’ pennies and tiles.   Numerous math tables are available for data entry. 

Is 2x3 the same as 3x2?  What is the difference between the two mathematical expressions? Knowing that difference is the cornerstone required for understanding the process of multiplication.  The objective of this book is to develop the concept of factors, as simply as possible, and serve as the cornerstone for further instruction.

Pennies are utilized to show sets, or groups, and their related number sentences.  Set has reference to a collection of things that belong together and should not be confused with a mathematical set that satisfies certain conditions.  

As sets are examined, thoughts  about properties of numbers begin to appear, intuitively.  Both the property of one and the commutative property of multiplication become apparent, without formally introducing the terms at this introductory stage.

The topic is suitable for most elementary level students beyond grade 3. It can be used for remediation with persons of any age when need arises for strengthening perception of the concept.   An understanding of English is helpful.

Bonus Documents for "All Set"

Passwords are located on page 30 of book.

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 Interactive eBook #1


Inching Along describes how the development of the concept of area and perimeter, at a basic level, progresses in the primer.  It proceeds from the meaning of one small square unit to the implication of how one large region with smaller sections can be measured.  Through the use of diagrams and tables, appropriate vocabulary is presented, defined and illustrated.   Numerous interactive widgets are included to provide instant reinforcement and repetition, at increasing levels of difficulty.  A review section has been included, as well as related activities that are applications of the concept.  The primer has a section, comprised of PDF tables and grids, that has been shared.

One inch at a time is sufficient to begin the journey.  Many inches away from completing the destination, progress can be made.   Inch by inch more depth is added and soon it’s back to square one, only this time, armed with the necessary tools to flourish.

The primer is appropriate for all ages.  A basic understanding of English is helpful.  However, the images are instructive.


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Geometry and Measurement

Lessons, designed for elementary school students, highlight a selection of basic geometric and measurement concepts.  A series of introductory activities are included in this section.

Area and Perimeter

Properties and Formulas will be featured in interactive ebook format.
Vocabulary: area, calculate, congruent, data, length, linear units, line segments, math table, outline, perimeter, rectangle, region, square centimeters, square inch,  square units, width
Closer Look at Circumference and Diameter Relationship

Feature & Focus

This is a selection of math concepts with explanations, illustrations and/or diagrams, and related activities that have been "field-tested", using a novel approach, with upper and middle grade students.  Some activities are interactive and require Excel for activation.

Note: Additional features are being revised.

Math Words


Math words are presented to promote effective communication of mathematics. There is a selection of math words and math words used in conjunction with each other.  The relatedness of words within a group should be reviewed regularly.  Simple illustrations or    examples and brief definitions convey the use of these words for grades three and four.  Some older students struggle with advanced math concepts because of gaps in prerequisite foundation.  These words can be used for remediation with older students who need review.

 Math Words will eventually be available in interactive eBook format.

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Most activities have been or will be incorporated in interactive ebook format.

Area of a Region
Area Square Units
Area of a Region
Area of regions
Area of a Region
Factors (Exel Workbook)
Factors Workbook (Excel)
Factors & Rectangle Dimensions
Pi Ratio
Area of a Circle
Powerpoint Show (pdf)
Area of a Circle
One Tenth of a Dollar
Decimal Words
One Third of a Group
Fraction Words
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