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Geometry and Measurement

Lessons, designed for elementary school students, highlight a selection of basic geometric and measurement concepts.  A series of introductory activities are included in this section.

  Notice: Some files have been removed from this site.  Information on the topics will be posted later.

Removed Files have been incorporated in eBooks created by Edwina R. Justice.  The first of the compilations can be viewed in the iBooks Store at iTunes.com.  Enter author's name or Inching Along in search box.  The eBook can also be located by searching for 'area math books'.  It is made for the iPad with interactive widgets and can also be viewed on computer with Mavericks OS.

Vocabulary: area, calculate, congruent, data, length, linear units, line segments, math table, outline, perimeter, rectangle, region, square centimeters, square inch,  square units, width
Closer Look at Circumference and Diameter Relationship

Feature & Focus

This is a selection of math concepts with explanations, illustrations and/or diagrams, and related activities that have been "field-tested", using a novel approach, with upper and middle grade students.  Some activities are interactive and require Excel for activation.

Note: Additional features are being revised.

Math Words

Math words are presented to promote effective communication of mathematics. There is a selection of math words and math words used in conjunction with each other.  The relatedness of words within a group should be reviewed regularly.  Simple illustrations or examples and brief definitions convey the use of these words for grades three and four.  Some older student struggle with advanced math concepts because of gaps in prerequisite foundation.  These words can be used for remediation with older students who need review. 

cardinal and ordinal numbers, digits, even and odd numbers, is equal to, is greater than, is less than, add, addend, sum, plus,  subtract, difference, minuend, minus, subtrahend, regroup, multiply, factor, product, multiple, divide, divisor, dividend, quotient,  remainder, divisible, factor, numberline, number pattern, order, greatest, least, pattern, place value, round

tenths, hundredths, one fourth of one dollar, one tenth of one dollar, one hundredth of one dollar, ten cents, one cent, five cents,  twelve cents, twenty-five cents, one dollar and thirty-two cents, thousandths, smaller than one, one thousandth, ten thousandths,  one hundred thousandths

group, number, whole, shaded, unshaded, fraction, numerator, denominator, one half of a group, one half of a whole, one half of a  number, one third of a group, one third of a whole, one third of a number, one fourth of a group, one fourth of a whole, one fourth of a  number, one half of one, one third of one, one fourth of one, one tenth of one

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Area of a Region
Area Square Units
Area of a Region
Area of regions
Area of a Region
Factors (Exel Workbook)
Factors Workbook (Excel)
Factors & Rectangle Dimensions
Pi Ratio
Area of a Circle
Powerpoint Show (pdf)
Area of a Circle
One Tenth of a Dollar
Decimal Words
One Third of a Group
Fraction Words

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